OneVision is a modular, scalable open-architecture framework that streamlines the development, testing, validation, and deployment of advanced data processing algorithms. Built into the product is a system development kit (“SDK”). This kit eases the creation of custom designed algorithms to be implemented on high performance networks, and then stores them in the OneVision library of nodes for reuse.

OneVision was designed and built from the ground up as a non-proprietary, cost-effective, unified middleware solution that enables analysts, SMEs, planners, modelers, designers, and other staff to leverage their familiar tools to develop, test and deploy more complex information fusion mechanisms and algorithms. Point and click GUI’s (graphical user interface) are provided to easily design and test complex processing networks and algorithms.

  • Design, test, and deploy from a single solution
  • Simplified integration of third-party systems (Matlab, MathNET, Neurosolutions, etc.)
  • Streamlined solution lifecycle, from research to release with a single click
  • Write once and re-use often. OneVision library stores work for future efforts
  • Data source, sensor and display system agnostic (mobile, tablets, laptops, etc.)
  • Software – no hardware or inventory/parts logistics required
  • Provides game changing cost savings
  • A modular scalable middleware solution with low life-cycle costs
  • Drag and Drop design functionality
  • Utilizes multiple statistical and AI approaches: Bayesian; Neural Networking; and others – leverage COTS tools by importing algorithms (MatLab, NeuroSolutions, BayesiaLab, etc.)
  • An algorithm test-bed where analysts can find, add, and test algorithms without needing an advanced coding skill-set
  • Build algorithms to both process incoming data as well as validate the statistical validity of data sources