Blackwatch Name

The Blackwatch International Name

After the First Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland, the British Army recruited a special operations force of the most senior, experienced and hardened Highland warriors to build a network of roads and set up peacekeeping patrols. These all-weather, all-terrain combatants waged fierce offensive and defensive guerilla operations using small, lightly equipped and rapidly deployed teams ready to engage in and resolve any conflict quickly and decisively.

With a motto of “Nemo me impune lacessit” (“No One Provokes Me with Impunity”), this sophisticated and agile fighting force was legendary for its “eyes everywhere” and recognized by its dark green, purple and black tartan uniform. Thus, they were known as the Blackwatch.

In the same spirit of small, agile and rapidly deployed operations executed by experienced people with sophisticated techniques, Blackwatch International stands ready to provide elite personnel with a precision focus on achieving clients’ mission objectives.

Blackwatch is disrupting the stereotypical innovation model that usually is affordable only to large integrators with hefty research and development investment funds.

We have purposefully built and honed everything — from our recruiting mechanisms, merger and acquisition targets and service delivery capabilities to our innovative tools, techniques, certifications, processes and controls — to create a highly focused and precision targeted platform for enabling the mission. We are a small company capable of solving the government’s largest and toughest challenges!