Data Fusion

Do you have OneVision?

OneVision is Blackwatch’s proprietary and patented (US Patent No. 10360000) Artificial Intelligence approach to data fusion that is applicable to virtually any high-stakes situational awareness challenge today—from bomb detection to medical emergencies, homeland security to chemical warfare.

OneVision’s key advantage is the ability to take multiple inputs with dissimilar data sources and to fuse them into actionable insight in real-time—to create “one vision” of a situation at hand.

That data, in turn, greatly improves decision-making in high-stakes situational awareness and risk assessment scenarios. OneVision saves lives and keeps our homeland safe in an era of asymmetric threats. OneVision does not replace SMEs. Rather it enhances the speed and accuracy of analysis in order to save lives and protect the US homeland from multiple threats, both real and virtual.

Blackwatch’s technology team has modularize the algorithms common in artificial intelligence to create a library of tools for easy, drag-and-drop reuse. In this way, OneVision is not simply one thing—an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection application, or a passenger screening application, or an ordnance recognition application. It is all three at the same time and then some.

The applications of OneVision are virtually unlimited. It can be adapted to any situational awareness challenge to keep American’s safe from threats of every sort—explosive, chemical, biological, nuclear, cyber, medical and many others. Not only is Blackwatch approach to algorithm development patented, no competitor is even on the horizon that can provide a faster, simpler development process. Or a more cost-effective solution to solve our client’s problems.

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