Blackwatch International Services

Blackwatch is a leading provider of IT infrastructure and network installations, with a growing multi-disciplined team that designs and builds robust, secure and scalable telecommunications networks for the most demanding clients on the planet. We are a data-focused provider that knows information is only truly valuable when it’s properly stored, organized, managed and protected.

Blackwatch provides unparalleled expertise in numerous IT areas including

OneVision AI/ML Data Fusion

OneVision is Blackwatch’s proprietary and patented (US Patent No. 10360000) Artificial Intelligence approach to data fusion that is applicable to virtually any high-stakes situational awareness challenge today — from bomb detection and chemical warfare to medical emergency and health care supply chain response to homeland security crisis situations.

OneVision’s key advantage is the ability to take multiple inputs with dissimilar data sources and fuse them into actionable insight in real-time to create “one vision” of any evolving situation.

Those data, in turn, greatly improve decision-making in high-stakes situational awareness and risk-assessment scenarios. OneVision saves lives and keeps our homeland safe in an era of asymmetric threats. OneVision does not replace SMEs. Rather it enhances the speed and accuracy of analysis.

Blackwatch’s technology team has modularized the algorithms common in artificial intelligence to create a library of tools for easy drag-and-drop reuse. In this way, OneVision is inherently flexible across multiple use cases where rapid data convergence is critical to facilitate accurate insights and precise decision-making.

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Data Management

With every new computing capability comes new data challenges. As government decentralizes data processing into hybrid public and private clouds and further integrates all the information available from the Internet of Things, a critical area of focus is the ingestion, storage, organization and maintenance of data to ensure they are accurate, useful, secure (at rest and in motion) and easy to find.

Blackwatch is a data-focused solution provider that knows information is only truly valuable when it is properly stored, organized, managed, and protected.

We use state-of-the-art tools and best practices to provide innovations for data profiling, deduplication, tagging, identification of adversarial data, cleansing, maintenance, replication and protection.

All our experts — from program executives and project managers to data scientists, architects and AI/ML algorithm developers — are focused on providing our clients with quality data they can trust and use effectively in support of their missions.


Cybersecurity challenges are ever-shifting targets, and the ability to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals, bad actors, and insider threats is a critical area of concern. Misconfiguration of cloud-related systems, assets and tools, as well as remote code execution vulnerabilities, continue to create opportunities for data breaches. Similarly, the lack of security controls in DevOps still makes true DevSecOps a challenge.

Our team’s experience and talent run deep. We leverage the very latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data fusion and data analysis technologies to protect your organization from all manner of cyber threats — ransomware, malware, phishing, misconfigs and code vulnerabilities.

We provide

  • ATO support
  • Cybersecurity Readiness Audit Mitigation
  • Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) Preparation
  • Assessment and Authorization (A&A)
  • Command Cyber Readiness
  • Inspection (CCRI) remediation
  • Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI) Remediation

Blackwatch depends on its highly flexible Certification and Accreditation Methodology (CAM) to fulfill risk-management framework requirements while accelerating implementation, containing costs and reducing risk. Our teams can be mobilized quickly to assist with security at the physical, application or human level.

Blackwatch employees are currently deployed on Department of Defense projects at bases around the globe. We have a proven track record of successful cybersecurity solution implementation across multiple government contracts.

Application Development

According to the DEVOPS Institute, challenges in mission and technical functional collaboration across the enterprise, upskilling and cross-skilling, tool fatigue and obsolescence, and the reunification of DEVOPS with IT service management are current challenges that require a balanced integration of strategy and tactics to navigate successfully.

Blackwatch engineers create automation solutions that span from the laboratory and shop floor to front-end and back-end business management. Our unwavering emphasis on user acceptance as the ultimate test of a software solution constantly pushes our teams to improve usefulness, increase reliability and decrease required maintenance. We focus on the interplay between the technological and human elements, resulting in a sizable catalog of long-lasting solutions that maximize return on investment.

We break down the traditional barriers to communication, thus permitting faster and more precise feedback on prototypes, which then leads to lower implementation costs and enhanced user satisfaction.

Our agile development framework provides regular release cycles, proactive scheduling and continuously improving software security that frees management from the need to perform reactive “deep dives” into projects and permits it to focus instead on proactive, higher value activities.

Cloud Migration

While cloud modernization and migration continue to gather momentum in the private and public sectors, the challenges remain myriad. Organizations looking to “lift and shift” must first address strategic concerns such as refactoring and designing applications to function as cloud-native and distributed, while considering change management, data management, cloud egress costs, virtualization sprawl, hybrid cloud management and security concerns.

Blackwatch IT professionals provide consulting in cloud-migration policy, strategy, governance, deployment and sustainment, aimed at establishing predictable and stable multi-cloud and managed-service environments, appropriately integrated with on-premises legacy and modernized infrastructure.

Our methodical cloud approach balances strategy and tactics to provide streamlined hardware and network related architectures, increased compute speed and enhanced security, all at a lowered cost and accelerated return on investment. By leveraging our experience and lessons learned, we swiftly and securely assist our clients and partners in their cloud migration, with a focus on shifting previously overspent time, energy and dollars to higher value activities.

COVID-19 Response

As companies, governmental agencies and constituents that serve both public and private sectors struggle to come to terms with the “new normal” created by the global pandemic, unforeseen and unprecedented challenges will continue to reveal themselves. As countries shift from a reactive mode to a more proactive model of suppressing the virus and reestablishing their economies, the IT support challenges have become extraordinary.

Blackwatch has the programmatic and technological experience and lessons learned to assist governmental entities, critical infrastructure managers and private-sector businesses as they navigate uncharted territories. These include

  • securing a compute from the home workforce
  • tracking tests and exposure of essential employees
  • upskilling and cross-skilling to protect against resource shortages
  • facilitating the collection, ingestion, analysis and storage of exponentially increased data sets from disparate systems
  • handling the pressures of vastly accelerated time-to-value requirements for all goods and services

Intelligence Analysis

Blackwatch is a global provider of intelligence analysis services to the Department of Defense and the intelligence and law enforcement markets.

Our global staff serves as cultural advisors to Department of Defense stakeholders and negotiates the difficult divide among cultures, people and governments. We provide integrated language technology to improve analytics and Human Terrain Analysis for insight into local populations, areas of interest, and local political and military leadership in support of deployed U.S. military commanders.

Reaching across language barriers, Blackwatch improves knowledge and understanding of sensitive data in outside-the-continental U.S., critical, and sometimes austere high-stakes environments.

IT Infrastructure

As computing evolves and enterprise applications trend toward cloud and wireless mobile platforms, the resulting thirst for supporting data in a variety of formats is accelerating rapidly. The complexity of the integrated infrastructure of wires, cables, microwaves, satellites, electric grid powerlines, and even mobile 5G drones and balloons that transport that data has increased exponentially.

Blackwatch is a leading provider of IT infrastructure and network installations, with a growing multi-disciplined team that designs and builds robust, secure and scalable telecommunications networks for the most demanding clients worldwide.

Reaching across language barriers, Blackwatch improves knowledge and understanding of sensitive data in critical and sometimes austere high-stakes international environments.